Dan's Summer of Code My progress over the summer

Last week

This was the last week of the Google Summer of Code program. The organizers of the program advised us to do documentation and wrap-up the project. I went over my proposal to check that all objectives were met and I have also been looking through and my code and tried spotting any errors. Most of the errors fixed were reported by Scrutinizer.

Another task I took care of was to submit my final evaluation and prepare the code samples I have to submit next week.

I would like to thank to the phpMyAdmin team and my mentor, Marc Delisle, for giving me the opportunity to participate in Google Summer of Code and spending their time with me. I believe this is one of the best work experiences I ever had and I am proud of the library I wrote, the way it turned out and how I integrated it in phpMyAdmin.

I hope that time will permit me to continue contributing to phpMyAdmin.

To see my work over the summer, you can check out my library repository or the pull requests I submitted.