Dan's Summer of Code My progress over the summer

Week 10

This week I found and fixed a a couple of bugs, wrote a new formatting component in the parsing library and rewrote a part of the import mechanism to use the library I wrote.

One of the most challenging tasks of this week was probably writing the formatting library. I tried a couple of designs and ended up rewriting this component for about five times. None of them worked as I expected and sometimes they relied on some cheap hacks to get the job done, thing I didn’t like at all. At this moment, the component relies on the tokens provided by the lexer and takes into account a couple of settings to format the code.

The other components of the library got some improvements as well, mostly bug fixes. I really hope that during next week I will get to write some tests and finish the query builder.

To see my progress, you can check out my library repository or some of the pull requests I submitted this week.